Improving perspectives for young researchers in Europe

The current time provides a unique momentum for studying mobility in the ageing population, because of the urgency of the associated problems, the rapid increase in fundamental knowledge on ageing processes and the novel possibilities to support prevention of mobility loss that emerging technologies offer. Currently there is lack of translational research and expertise to cease the moment and the MOVE-AGE program aims to fill this gap. Moreover the need for a European multidisciplinary training network as the means to train talented young scientists for future European research is pressing. These training activities should counteract the brain drain to non-European countries. A sizeable fraction of young European researchers who pursue further studies in the USA is recruited by American establishments and will stay there for an extended period or even permanently. We would like to reverse this trend and promote immigration and recruitment of top talents from all over the world to Europe. The possibility of receiving high-quality training and to be introduced to many European contacts via the MOVE-AGE network will significantly improve the perspectives of young talents to develop their carrier within the European community.