Earlier collaboration between the MOVE-AGE partners has already resulted in the following double doctorates:

  • Beltman, M. Metabolically assessed muscle fibre recruitment October 2003
  • Ricken, A. Reaching a solution November 2005
  • Altenburg. T. Muscle activation during isometric and dynamic exercise June 2008
  • Spanjaard, M. Gastrocnemius muscle fascicle behaviour during stair negotiation June 2008
  • Wüst, R. The effects of smoking and hypoxia on skeletal muscle structure and function April 2009
  • Feltham, M.l The ‘mirror box’ illusion. September 200
  • Van Kampen.P. Asymmetry in Action. June 2010

In addition a large number of joint publications has been published. The following is just a selection from among these:

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