The MOVE-AGE consortium allows a comprehensive approach to the field of mobility in ageing as all the relevant disciplines, such as biomechanics, muscle physiology, endocrinology, cell biology and motor control, are represented at the highest level. We have strong synergy, since we all use multi-disciplinary approaches to study human movement and combine experimental and clinical research with a specific focus on the problem of maintaining mobility in ageing.

The network forms a unique research community. The participating partners have outstanding publication records covering the major journals in the field. Our faculty members have extensively published in the top journals in the subject categories ageing and rehabilitation and related subject categories. Moreover, many papers in more general journals with high impact were published.

The network is further strengthened by a number of academic associate partners who contribute specific top-level expertise. Furthermore, a number of industrial associate partners participate to facilitate transfer of knowledge from academia to industry and vice versa and to promote inter-sectoral mobility of the PhDs.