Partner organizations

For the MOVE-AGE Network we have brought together three of the leading and largest institutes in the field in Europe offering a diversity of complementary expertise: research institute MOVE of the VU University Amsterdam, the Institute for Biomedical Research into Human Movement and Health (IRM) of Manchester Metropolitan University, and the doctoral school Biomedical Sciences of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. These partner institutes share a multi-disciplinary approach to human movement sciences and a focus on ageing, while each brings its specific strengths to this network.

The network consists of partners in three different countries that are within a relatively short distance, which strongly facilitates collaboration and exchange. This network is strengthened by the participation of a group of academic associate partners in and beyond Europe that contribute specific methodologies and expertise. The network’s diversity is also evident in the participation of academic as well as hospital departments and SMEs and the close links of the partners with several rehabilitation centres and other industry.

For a list of the MOVE-AGE PhD supervisors per partner institute visit: